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Storage & Handling

Temperature Store in a cool place
Hazard  No
Cytotoxic No
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International Name: Marketing Authorization Holder: Pack Size:
Propure-100 Accilex Critical Care 1 x 1 ml
Contains: Strength: Presentation:
Progesterone 100 mg Injection

Progesterone is a professionally prescribed prescription used to advance ordinary menstrual periods in ladies who are premenopausal yet have quit having periods because of low progesterone levels. Progesterone is additionally utilized as a part of a mix with estrogen-containing prescriptions in postmenopausal ladies with a uterus to diminish the danger of treating a disease of the uterus and to avert irregular thickening of the covering of the uterus in ladies taking estrogen. Progesterone is additionally used to advance fetus implantation and pregnancy in conjunction with ripeness medicines in ladies. Progesterone has a place with a gathering of medications called progestins. These work to achieve different impacts in the body by impersonating the impacts of normally occurring hormones. This solution arrives in a container frame and is normally taken once every day, at sleep time, for 10 or 12 nonstop days, contingent upon the condition being dealt with. This solution is likewise accessible in a vaginal embed frame that is normally embedded into the vagina 2 to 3 times day by day for up to 10 weeks of treatment. This pharmaceutical is likewise accessible in a gel shape that is commonly connected to the vagina on more than one occasion a day. The recurrence of utilization relies upon the condition being dealt with. This pharmaceutical is likewise accessible in an injectable shape to be given specifically into a muscle by a medicinal services supplier, ordinarily day by day, for 6 to 8 days. Normal symptoms of progesterone incorporate cerebral pains, bosom agony, and sporadic vaginal draining or spotting. Progesterone can likewise cause wooziness and additionally laziness. Try not to drive or work substantial hardware until the point that you know how progesterone influences you.

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